Custom Bedding

Beautifully quilted bedspreads, coverlets, and comforters with matching or contrasting pillows, shams, or dust ruffles can transform a bedroom with lots of hard surfaces into a soft or exciting environment. Many of our fabrics also have matching wallpapers and/or borders to coordinate the fabrics with the walls.

Contrasting pillows can pull some of your favorite colors from a printed fabric or a piece of artwork. Window treatments can be made to match or coordinate. Many styles of bedding with many options of quilting patterns can set a bedroom off from all others. Children’s custom bedding is available as well. We will custom measure everything so that the finished result is exactly for you.

With comforters, bedspreads and coverlets we can create a unique style for your bedroom that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Colorful pillows and shams can create sharp coordinating looks to your bedding accessories. The Design Emporium can help you create the perfect blend of shapes, colors and textures.

Some of our brand names include:

  • hunter douglas logo
  • kasmir fabrics logo
  • graber
  • rm coco logo