Frequently Asked Questions

Is silk fabric appropriate for draperies in Arizona?

On windows that get sunlight, even if they are lined with an interlining and /or a regular lining, or both, they will eventually shred due to the sun’s rays. So I recommend using Faux silk (the polyester fabric that looks like silk) for these windows if you desire the look of silk.


Are all window treatments appropriate for families with young children and/or pets?

Some treatments such as a “puddled” drapery could be frequently disarranged by a small child or an active dog or cat. Cords in shades with a regular locking system will usually lay on or near the floor when the shades are raised creating the opportunity for children or pets to “grab and run” or worse yet, get tangled up in the cords. Other available lifting systems are more appropriate.


What types of wallpapers are best for kitchens and baths?

Solid vinyl or vinyl coated wallpapers are a must for areas that are exposed to water or dampness.

What types of wall coverings are not advised for bathrooms and kitchens?

Grasscloths or any textile paper without a vinyl coating (as most of them are) is not recommended.

Are all of your custom products sold with professional installation?

All window treatments should be professionally installed as well as professionally measured. Often a warranty is voided if not installed by a professional installer. Measuring and installation will be included in your final quote.

Do you sell products for installation on the outside of the home, such as a screened porch?

Yes. Many products are available with fabric and hardware that is made especially for outdoor use.

How is wallpaper priced?

Most wallpaper is priced by the single roll but is sold in double rolls (or bolts) and sometimes, but rarely, in triple rolls only. Single rolls are not available.

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