The Design Emporium is a specialty interior design company operated by Sara Monahan from the Carefree, Cave Creek, Arizona area.

When Speaking About Blinds, Shades, And Other Scottsdale Window Treatments:

The light controlling and transforming powers of the premium window treatments offered by The Design Emporium enhance and elevate your home. Delivering the utmost in both sophistication and quality, the company”s products are designed individually, and are custom assembled with the highest craftsmanship to professional specifications that are guaranteed to perform and last. An experienced installation is also included.

You are encouraged to explore different materials, styles, operating systems, and colors to choose your perfect window treatment solution. Also, you will behold the light transformed. For homes in Arizona, many people wonder why not save a little and go to a box store? When living in other parts of the USA, many window treatments may be beautiful for your needs, suit the objectives you wish to receive, and be hassle-free for years.

Now you live in the Phoenix area and are looking for coverings for your windows.

What is the difference?

As Sara explains, one of the reasons why people move here is to enjoy the sunshine. They all love the constant sun and warm weather. Well, if you live here full time, you will quickly find out that the warmer months can be extreme. The area’s intense sun will melt things rapidly. Try leaving something plastic in your hot car in July. Whatever it is, it could quickly melt. Window treatments in the Phoenix area and other places around the Valley can also suffer adverse effects. So can your furniture and carpeting. The intense light and heat that gets magnified through your windows can cause severe damage that can not be reversed. Extreme sun and its temperature can also affect the window coverings on your windows. Have you ever tried to open, close, raise, or lower a blind only to find that the operating mechanism has broken due to heat and sun rot, and now you have the control for the product in your hand and your blind is permanently in the closed or open or up or down position, and you can’t get it to operate?

This is why Sara suggests a consultation for your window treatments. She will consider certain things like the orientation of the windows in your home. Are they facing the intense morning or afternoon sun? She can advise you on the solutions that would work best and provide you with options that are both visually appealing and functional at the same time. She will also provide you with the professional, experienced installation.

This is your home and having a professional interior designer assist you and provide the best advice as priceless. Not only could it benefit you for eventual resale, but it also enhances the look of your home for your enjoyment and will give you peace of mind knowing that the product will last longer and continue to be reliable.

Another reason people choose Sara and The Design Emporium is that you are offered great solutions to make your home more attractive than ever before. So if you live in Phoenix or it’s surrounding areas, and are looking for an interior designer, who is also a window treatment specialist, choose The Design Emporium serving all of The Valley. Sara is local and residing in the Cave Creek and Carefree area. She is ready, qualified, and willing to be at your service.